Make sure that you turn off the Eildon-Jamieson Road at point 55H 405358 5868781. I made the mistake of travelling further in a 2WD and taking the next right — this is a mistake not for repeating.

Travelling further along Barnewall Plains Road in a 2WD was fine in summer. The surface might appear to steadily deteriorate as you drive along the unsealed road however it should remain passable in a 2WD and improve after some rocky corners.

There is ample parking space and some lovely campgrounds at the Barnewall Plains camping grounds.

The Hike

The hike is one of the more technically challenging hikes within my SOTA experience. There are rocks to be scrambled over. Care and trustworthy footwear are required.

I was suspicious of the area harbouring snakes, but I did not see any during my time on the mountain. I did see many geckos on the hike and would take care in approaching the narrow/enclosed path in the future.

Summit Trek Map

Note that I stopped my tracking prematurely and didn’t resume until I was back on the hike.


Time (UTC) Callsign Frequency (MHz) Mode Sent Received Notes
03:50 VK2IO 7.090 SSB 5x1 4x1  
03:51 VK3PF 7.090 SSB 4x1 3x1  
03:57 VK5IS 7.007 CW 539 529  
04:01 VK2IO 7.007 CW 519 419  
04:07 ZL2ATH 7.007 CW 319 529  
04:30 ZL1BDQ 7.007 CW 519 559  
04:32 VK2WP 7.007 CW 539 559  
04:35 VK5TJ 7.007 CW 519 339  
04:40 VK2MET 7.007 CW 559 559  
04:44 VK3DAE 146.500 FM 5x7 3x0  
04:47 VK3KRD 146.500 FM 5x9 5x5 Robert, Glenroy
04:50 VK3LIT 146.500 FM 5x3 5x0  
04:52 VK3DNS 146.500 FM 5x8 5x6 Chris, 20km S/W Echuca
05:11 VK3PF 7.007 CW 519 419  

Summit Notes

No great views from the summit, but encouraging views on the hike up. The hike is best taken with bursts, by stopping to look back and enjoy the view as you progress. Loose soil and rocks are an added difficulty, particularly on the descent. Sometimes the path may become non-obvious, but perseverence should reveal a clear track after some ambiguity. Recently felled trees add to the need to improvise for small sections, but this is entirely manageable.


Ratings of the experience by my non-licenced partner

Aspect Rating Notes
Drive (e.g. length, views)   
Road quality (e.g. particularly considering off-road portions in a 2WD)  Nothing too worrying
Summit entertainment (e.g. views, places to sit)  No view at the top however enough room for sitting & wandering